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U.S. Apple Corps

U.S. Apple Corps Biography

How is a hit group formed? Well, it’s quite an easy thing really. To start with you need a lead singer. In this case we took DENNIS BRYANT, who was the original leader of the Corps. When Dennis first started with the group it was the Soul Machine. Well look at it this way you’ve go to start somewhere. Dennis is as strong an entertainer as you’ll find anywhere. It’s hard to describe what this young dude does on stage. But just let me say that it blows minds and is beyond description.

Then you take a drummer STEVE FOLSOM, who is also one of the originals in the group. Steve has developed into one of the best in person drummers that anyone has seen for sometime. Steve is just 18 too. And he shows a lot of promise for a bright future. I guess that the reason that Steve does a drum solo every show is due to the fact that he can actually do it

We also have to mention STANLEY STEWART who is another one of the originals. Stanley plays excellent organ and has added a new electric piano to his part of the act. He sometimes gets a little carried away during the course of an evening and you’ll find him up dancing on his instruments or jumping off into the audience or just trying to be everywhere but where he’s supposed to be. But the audience never seems to mind so his behavior is accepted.

One day these 3 guys got together and thought that if they’re gonna be big they must form the heaviest group in captivity. So their search was on. One night at a party this skinny kid with long blonde hair was jamming with some guys. From that night on TOMMY NORRIS became one of the lead guitarists for the Corps. And what a guitarist, Tommy just turned 17 and he had got to be one of the best in the business. The group honestly looks upon him as the next Eric Clapton, Tommy’s idol, and everyone just about has to agree with them. He’s great.

Tommy actually had a friend so he brought him along to play the bas. He’s DANE TROUTMAN. Dane is also just 17, but what a performer. He’s excellent on bass, but wow you should hear him on the keyboards and guitar as well. On their new LP, that hasn’t been released yet, he doubles on several things. On stage Dane is a big mover. He’s loose and gets the audience on his side in a hurry. Dane is one of those people that you can’t live without, and the Corps is very proud to have him on their team, and he’s sort of happy about it as well.

The next person to come along is another guitar man by the name of RICHARD MORANT. Richard was born in London, England and he’s the Grandaddy of the group being a rope old 21. Richard moved to town and came to church one day and ended up in the Corps. These guys are very straight by the way and you’ll find them in church quite a bit. Richard is the master of vocal harmonies and is the one who works out the vocal back-up for the group. He’s typical British, whatever that means, and we hope that he never changes as he makes things very interesting at times to say the least.

To round out the picture enter COOKY. Her real name is Shirley Cook. But everybody calls her COOKY. Because they wanted a different sound they decided to try to find a young attractive black girl who could sing. They found a winner. It took an add on the major black radio station in Nashville tog et her, but she’s here. She’s been a great asset to the Corps. Cooky had never sung in person begore joining the Corps, but she’s doing it now. She’s also one of the most beautiful young people that you’ll ever meet. Watch for her to do some big things soon.

Well here they are the U.S. APPLE CORPS. They’ve got youth on their side. They record for a great company that really believe in them. They’re honest young people who believe in what their records say. They believe in their first LP, and they believe in their single “GET HIGH ON JESUS”. Don’t for one moment think that the Corps is not sincere.

If you ever get the chance to see them do it, and if you get the chance to meet them take it. They’re fine young people and when they hit the stage the whole world starts moving. We’re proud to be a part of the group.

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