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Dee Mullins

Dee Mullins Biography

Dee Mullins swapped a calculating machine for calculated success in the music business.

“I had worked a number of years for a trailer manufacturer in Texas,” said the blonde, good looking singer who hails from Grafford, Texas. “I was playing around with my singing – you know, weekends and the such.

“One day in 1967, I really got disgusted and decided the time had come. I was either going to get into the business – or out of it. I made a list of four people I knew in the business and picked up the telephone.

“The first one I happened to call was Shelby Singleton, president, Shebly Singleton Corp., in Nashville. I had to cut a few records for him when he was producing for Mercury,” said Dee. “He had just started his own company, signed me onto his SSS International label, and I was off and running.

“The day I traded that calculating machine for a calculated risk was the best day of my life,” sighed Dee.

Reflecting on his SSS International releases of “War Baby,” “I Am the Grass,” “Texas Tea,” his latest hit, “The Continuing Story of Harper Valley PTA,” and an album slated for January 1 release, Dee quipped, “Things are a bit different today than they were when I started singing at age six.

“My sister and I used to sing at different places back then,” he laughed. “In face, we used to have to wait while they rounded up a box for us to stand on so we could reach the microphone.”

The easy-moving, country-pop artist continued, “I first appeared on KWBC in Fort Worth at age 14. At 15, I got started on WFAA in Dallas and was a staff member there through high school.”

Also a staff member of “Louisiana Hayride” for a time, Dee said his “high school days and duet with my sister all ended when I graduated from high school in Arlington, Texas. She got married and I went into the Air Force.

“The next four years included 14 months in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and an occasional singing date on weekends at a Texas jamboree in order to pick up a few extra dollars.

“Then came my days with the trailer manufacturer intermingled with my musical ambitions,” reflected Dee.

Now firmly rooted on the SSS International label, Dee is donning his colorful stage attire and “socking it to ‘em” with his country-pop hit rendition of “The Continuing Story of Harper Valley PTA.” His “low-life, country-pop” LP is already climbing high in pre-release sales and his personal appeal was never more ably demonstrated than during the opening luncheon of the recent deejay convention at Nashville when he kept his thousands of spectators thoroughly entertained. Now calling Nashville home, Dee Mullins is booked exclusively by Key Talent, Inc., 1531 Demonbreun Street, Nashville.

Promotions are through the Shelby Singleton Corp., 3106 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, and publicity is handled by Ballyhoo, Inc., Suite 307, 806-17th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee.

He keeps in constant touch with his fans through the Dee Mullins International Fan Club at 3106 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee.

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