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January 26, 2022

Primary Wave Music, Audio Up Media Launch Podcast Detailing Sun Records’ History

Primary Wave Music and Audio Up Media are launching a new Sun Records podcast, Midnight at the Sun Diner. The podcast is being rolled out just in time for the legendary label’s 70th anniversary.

In this time traveling musical series, listeners will go on a ride through the rich history of one of the most iconic labels of all time. Set in Memphis, listeners follow along with the series narrator who is a music journalist assigned a feature on Sun Records. The writer finds himself at the Sun Diner, where he stumbles into a multiverse portal that takes him back to the early years of Sun Records, where he gets to meet all of Sun Records’ legendary artists including Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, as well as Sun Records founder Sam Phillips. As the story unfolds, artists of the present day learn that they can travel back in time to meet their heroes face to face and even host jam sessions together, bringing fresh inspiration and new ideas to their own music.

The podcast will weave in the tales of Sun Recording artists and take a deeper dive into the legacy of the label and studio, ultimately telling the story of the famed label through the personal history of its artists. Each episode will also feature performances of songs from the Sun Records catalog with a discussion to follow by contemporary artists. Future plans for the podcast will also include recording artists performing their favorite Sun Records songs live from the Sun Diner.

“The Sun Records story has been told in many ways. I’m convinced that fiction is a great way into this rich and lush music meta verse for artists to collaborate and explore the Sun vault through,” says Jared Gutstadt, founder and CEO of Audio Up. “Podcasts are another gateway for music and story exploitation. I already see this as a streaming visual series once we accomplish season one’s concept in the podcast space. With IP and publishing assets from Sun Records, the potential for a soundtrack and spin-off content is limitless.”

“’Midnight at the Sun Diner’ will help convey the impact of Sun Records on music and culture through an entirely new lens,” shares Dominic Pandiscia of Sun Label Group and Natalia Nastaskin, chief content officer at Primary Wave Music. “It will be an incredibly immersive listening experience for both the existing fan of Sun Records, as well as for the fan of any podcast that provides endless entertainment value with a touch of history.”

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